Verbal diarrhea

In Arizona chilling with meu amigos.

How has technology made my life busier? Or is it that, I’m that kind of person who needs to be everywhere and do everything at once? Damn if I’m going to let someone else do something I should know how to do.

But the problem with that mindset is finding time to get good at it. Spreading yourself thin to attack many goals also means becoming average at everything and not great at 1 thing.

I envy those who have one passion and dig deep down into its roots to find every cell of meaning. I must say, I do that with music. But in today’s age, music is such a fast growing piece of bamboo and encompasses wet lands like rice, that to be skilled in all areas is a mighty task. Independent musicians must learn the skills of all to become successful. Some brilliant songwriters don’t have the personality or business sense to take their crafty songs to another level but recently must learn.

Like a bulk of the musicians out there, I too fall short of mastering the A to Z’s of the musician’s bible. Music has become free for listeners. It certainly wasn’t free for me to record it. How much does ones time and passion cost I wonder?

I guess all these questions and thoughts are part of the new music revolution. It’s a scary and yet exciting time. For me, I figure if I dream big, chase big dreams, and fall short – I’m still going to end up somewhere higher than if I’d not had that dream at all. With only one life to live, I don’t want to look back in disappointment. Forgive me as my thoughts wander. I’m just trying to keep up with the cards dealt.


3 thoughts on “Verbal diarrhea

  1. Well, first, I just want to say, don’t think I am a stalker! When I find a blog I haven’t read before, I’m like over here in a corner, flippin through your book man. Don’t mind me… and 2nd, I think you are WAY ahead of soooo many who only still dream about their music making and don’t pursue. Do you write your own lyrics? Because they’re way good, bro. Way personal.

    * One of your songs has actually helped me move on from something I was stuck on… I’m not saying which one. Just keep up the good work.

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