Standing in Line

I don’t like standing in line.

You would think that most people are the same and yet I’ve seen otherwise.

The Japanese will go to Tokyo Disneyland and wait in lines all day just to enjoy 2 or 3 rides.

I’ve read that the average New Yorker spends 5 years of his entire life standing in line.

They could have picked up a doctors degree in that time.

I avoid lineups as best I can.

If I’m stuck in a line, I try to get other things done at the same time.

I’ll write a “to do” list or lyrics to a song or flirt with the woman in front of me (careful though – done wrong and it could send you to a police lineup. The worst of all line ups)!

Avoid lineup tips:

1) Don’t go to banks or government offices on Mondays.

2) If you’re going to a place that is guaranteed to have a lineup. Get there a half hour before it opens. I’d rather wait only 30 minutes that a couple of hours.

3) At airports, don’t get in the “now boarding” lineup until it’s almost finished. Why stand there in that lineup?

4) Do you take elevators?

If it’s only a few floors think about the stairs. It’ll take the same amount of time but you’ve got a bit of exercise at the same time!

Do you have any good tips on avoiding line ups?


2 thoughts on “Standing in Line

  1. Get in lines with mostly men in them when you are out shoppnig. Men generally make sure what they want has a price tag. Men know about how much they are going to spend. Men know where their money is, or which credit card they are going to use. Men in general also start filling out their checks if they use checks before the total is rang up.

    I really wish there were men lines and women lines at stores. It seems men enter a store to buy something, and women enter a store to shop. Two differing perspectives makes for two different approaches.

  2. Greeks are usually impatient and don’t like waiting in lines. So most of the times there is a fight over who’s going to go next.
    I usually listen to music, send SMS messages or read the newspaper while waiting.
    I also avoid banks on Fridays and the supermarkets on Saturdays!

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