What do you THINK? Or do you?

James Lovelock on Global Warming

I recently read an article in Rolling Stone magazine about roguish British scientist James Lovelock. According to Lovelock, global warming is irreversible.

Endeavors to decrease your carbon footprint by taking steps such as purchasing a hybrid car cannot significantly reduce the effects of global warming now, because the damage has already been done.

Lovelock believes that more than six billion people will die by the end of the century because of global warming. He predicts that by the year 2020 intense weather will be the norm.

By 2040, even the most zealous right wing politician will no longer be able to deny the existence global warming, since Berlin will be as hot as Baghdad and southern areas of Europe and the United States will be uninhabitable desert regions.

Lovelock foresees poverty, mass relocation and plagues when the world’s population migrates northwards to areas such as Canada, Russia, Scandinavian countries and the Arctic.

He thinks that current efforts to reverse the effects of global warming are nothing more than a con to benefit from catastrophe.

Lovelock accuses the United Nations of being too conservative in its calculations concerning climate change, though he admits there’s a chance that his global warming predictions are wrong.

I sincerely hope he has made errors in his calculations, but fear that his prophecy will prove correct.

My point is this. None of us can predict the future, but with all the outstanding evidence sitting right at our feet, isn’t it BETTER to do what we can, then do NOTHING at all?

I mean, isn’t it “better to be SAFE then SORRY”?????????????

If we are wrong about Global warming, then what’s the harm in doing what we can to clean the world up anyways?????

Let’s go!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “What do you THINK? Or do you?

  1. There is some global warming, just not on a “we’re going to die in 3 years” scale. Al Gore and those other people are just making it seem worse. In fact, this is completely routine and within our lifetime, we’re in for a large temperature drop.

    And those last sentences make a lot of sense. With you there.

  2. Thanks for the comment Finicky Penguin. My posts have been a little dark and morbid lately LOL. Maybe it’s too much coffee! But I do worry about this a lot. I can’t believe that I can say things like “When I was a Kid, it used to snow where I lived”, or “when I was a kid, we used to skate on that lake”, or “when I was a kid, we used to fish in that lake” etc. And I’m not quite 40 yet. That’s incredibly fast when you think about how long the earth has been here.
    What do you mean we’re in for a large temperature drop? You don’t think the world is getting warmer? 🙂

  3. Hey Danny. I didn’t block your post did I? You sent me 4 posts that were exactly the same so I kept one of them. Sorry, I haven’t gotten back to you yet but I’ve been really busy and neglected to. If you’re interested in sending me some lyrics, you can email me by first going to http://www.kellypettit.com . I’d write my email address here but I don’t want a lot of spam. I might be interested in writing a melody to the lyrics but I’ve got a lot on the go now. I’d love to read them though and if they inspire me I will attempt something.
    Hope this finds you well.

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