Morning world (putting “Good” in the front is optional)

I found myself in a rare situation today. I had to be somewhere at 5 am.

Usually I don’t even wake up until 7:00 am.

What surprises me every time I am driving so early is the amount of people who are also alive at this time. I don’t think the birds where even up chirping yet.

This morning I saw many people out happily walking their pets ( I think some of the pets were pissed off to up so early) , I saw many people driving to work and felt blessed I never find myself in their shoes. I saw some people running. I might have the runs at 5 am, but that’s as close as I’ll get! I saw a volunteer firefighting group which made me realize why I don’t volunteer. I’d be no good to anyone at that time anyways. If I’m up at 5 am it usually means I haven’t gone to sleep yet and it was a hell of a party.

In Japan, they don’t have day light savings which for an early riser must be a good thing. I can’t help but feel that it robs most of us an hour of extra play time in the evenings.

In Hokkaido (Northern Japan), they actually have volunteer daylight savings.

Now this makes no sense to me!

They’re trying to encourage daylight savings but making it a choice is not the way to go.

They’ve got to set rules!

Imagine knocking off work an hour early because you’re one of the few who decided to follow the time changes. What a day today, huh? See you all tomorrow”!

Or, showing up early for a hotel check in? Who’s right in that situation? As a country, they have to either choose daylight savings or not.

I love my sleep.

For me, 5 am is a time for dreaming. Getting up at 7 is still unhealthy in my books. That’s why it always amazes me to see the amount of people getting on with the day at that time.

If I’m lucky enough to make it into my 70’s I might be thinking differently. Until then, the phone’s off until 8:30.


5 thoughts on “Morning world (putting “Good” in the front is optional)

  1. I don’t get up until 9; I’m definitely missing out on this morningness. I must be pregnant: I have morning sickness.
    I’m setting the alarm for 8:59 am from now on.

  2. You guys are a bunch of complete sissies! You are missing out on so much like, er, hours of drinking more coffee.

    I have two words for you lazy ass Japadians: Boot Camp. Before boot camp, I was a not so early morning person.
    After boot camp, I was a pre-morning morning person.

    I think it’s fear driven though. If you don’t show up for boot camp at 4:30 am at the lake (even when it rains), they have this army dude who calls you and screams at you and cusses you out, and then you don’t graduate from boot camp academy and you are a failure for the rest of your life.

    I hope I was successful in showing you the errors of your ways.

    Cool shots! 😉

  3. A writer? Good god, what ever gave you that idea? Well, if you call writing songs a writer then yeah. My father is a writer though. He’s written some pretty cool books if I might be so bold as to brag about him. I’m waiting for his new book to arrive in the mail any day now 🙂

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