Can a musician be a jock?

Can a musician be a jock?

Or is it safer for a jock to become a musician?

Maybe it’s the same thing as acting.

It seems okay for musicians to become actors,

but a big taboo if actors try to become musicians.


I guess some of the things musicians and jocks have in common especially when they are teenagers are:

They boath can’t spell.

They ain’t good in school.

They’re in it to get the chicks.

Fashion is everything.


Alcohol is everything.

I was recently interviewed by ABC radio and syndicated to over 4,200 radio stations across the States (and syndicated on internet and Europe as well – sounds like a plug don’t it :), where one of the questions in front of so many was:

So, I heard you also exercise, what’s with that”?

It kind of caught me off guard because I’d never really thought of it before. But I guess if stereotyping is allowed, then:

yeah, musicians are skinny cigarette smoking, beer drinking, family deprived punks. Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll baby YEAH!

While sports jocks are fitness training, dumb and cocky Papa’s boys.

I answered that radio question by saying, “exercise cleans the body, while music cleans the soul”. Perhaps ABC’s Fame Games realized they were heading into a dark zone, they edited that whole section out and the whole question fortunately never aired.

Perhaps for the better.

There is some harmony in there somewhere I believe. Well, for me anyways.

Maybe even a sports song like the Saturday night hockey Theme.


6 thoughts on “Can a musician be a jock?

  1. Very good repartee Monsieur Pettit!

    You could become a one man’s band! That’s A LOT of exercise and sometimes you have a white bunny rabbit on your shoulder too.
    Sorry seventies flashback! Out of nowhere!

  2. Dearest Kelly,

    Every day, I check your blog in the slightest hope that you may actually have written something. Your present situation does not dispense you from producing interesting and humorous posts (notice that I actually pluralized the word “post”.)

    Especially with all the vacation time you’ve taken lately. Nerves come to mind. What good does it do to me to include you in my blogroll as one of my most cherished writers if all I get when I click on your link is the photograph of that exasperating bald man running with a guitar? Who goes jogging with a guitar anyway?



  3. Nathaliewithanh. You are right! I’m not a bloggster like sir planetross or you. If I have free time, I usually find myself trying to write a song, go for a workout, or spend it with the family. While I’m sure there is still time to write a blog – topics elude me. I will try to be more diligent in the matter. It would help if I had more than one person interested in reading them though LOL. Maybe I should tell my Mom and Dad. That would make 3! 😉

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