Here are my February Twitter blogs.

  1. I stoled me old mans car once. Hoped he wouldn’t notice. NOTE TO SELF: If there’s ever a time to do that…it would be NOW ’cause I’m mature.

  2. Cold Play kicked butt at the 2009 Grammy’s.

  3. Just dropped a good chunk of cash on Pro Tools 8 and a new condenser microphone. It had to be done….. Back to work now!

  4. Derek Sivers is technically retired but he’s still providing heaps of wealthy information. Make sure you go to his site

  5. My enjoyable afternoon down by the local river might have turned into a cold. Hope not.

  6. Sneaking to the gym earlier than work allows but if I don’t, I won’t get it in today. Have a Shinenkai party (start of year) I must go to.

  7. Friday morning and the sun is shining. I just downloaded some updates of my favourite podcasts to enjoy at the gym.

  8. I could have used a few more hours of sleep last night. I’m dragging my sorry self around this morning.

  9. Hi! If you think I add value to your network, do drop me a recommendation at… Much appreciated!

  10. Don’t ever knock the Theme Park industry as a major source of income for musicians. If you can keep your case open also, LIFE will be GOOD.

  11. Gonna upgrade to Pro Tools 8. It’ll be the newest & best Digidesign for about a month. Then it’ll become old. Gotta love going digital

  12. I’m addicted to podcasts. I find myself running to them instead of solid music. Sign of my age?

  13. Al Gore paints another horrifically clear picture of the devastation humans made for life on Earth & I’m totally shamed and bummed by it.

  14. Just joined twitter to my Facebook page. One less things to worry about.

  15. I’ve been looking for a famous duet song to sing with a female artist. The last time I did that was Indigo Girls “Closer to Fine”. Ideas?
  16. Sadly, stupid is not illegal.

  17. Was listening to Dave Ramsey and he made a good point. Successful people are seldom addicts and addicts are seldom successful.

  18. There is no “I” in Team! But if you look close there is a “em  or “me”, which is all I need baby! LOL. Go tEaM !

  19. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as a musician that helped you achieve success? I so want to know.

  20. Life in the fast lane – it’ll surely make you lose your mind. Or so I’ve heard…….(sigh).
Let us not forgot the person who came with the idea to be equal co-writers on a song. ME ME ME!
Japan has it’s ups and downs. I love when I sing a cover song on stage, the lyrics don’t matter. I’ve been known to make up funny verses.
Do any of you listen to a full album any more? What’s your opinion on bands just releasing a single and calling it a day?? I love albums.
Those w tatoos in Japan cannot join a gym, enter a hot spring or a swimming pool. Only after graduation can you dye ur hair &get piercings.
I want a 46″ TV but my son would take over & watch Japanese anime, variety shows and crap cooking on it. Is it greedy to keep it in my room?
Finally got a nice flow of songs channeling through me again. Hoping to record new CD in LA in August. Goals rule!!
Played at the QUEENS pub last nite with my good friends in Nanaimo. Cool venue, fun night. Nanaimo is crawling with brilliant musicians.
Finished shoveling snow and ice off of driveway again. Relentless crappy weather has made this the only source of exercise I can get 🙂
Vancouver Canucks lost again. Solid 3rd but that’s all they offered. Hurry Sundin. Give us some light for 2009 🙂
Add some originality to your Xmas by dwnlding my funny Xmas song for free! My present for hanging with me here.
Hey everyone, be sure to get my new Christmas song (free) into your playlists. It’s doing well on radio.
Leave Japan for my hometown on Vancouver Island, Canada tomorrow morning. 2 long years! Wish it was summer there though.
Is there an easy way to copy all my twitter posts into Microsoft word?
@planetross The bat cave should come with umbrellas when you enter.
listened to another episode of Dave Ramsey. Some people really dig deep financial holes for themselves. I’d need money to do that 🙂
business as usual. Other than that, just trying to convince my friend he isn’t batman.
Off to a day gig now. Had to learn “Last xmas” by Wham. I feel so violated. Please get great free xmas song here
@planetross I’m hanging out with the joker and we’re lauging about you. Happy you’re sleeping. We just robbed the city bank! Sleep well!
Today, the consumer is the new major music label. I’ve started that topic on a forum on my website. Come by!
Most of my income as an indie artists comes from performing live and selling my CD at the show. How do you do it?



1 thought on “Here are my February Twitter blogs.

  1. I DO listen to full albums and there have been precious few that I like every song to. Los Lonely Boys can sing to me allllll Maroon 5. Christina Aguilera. Full CD’s. please. 🙂 thanks for the little tidbits about Japanese culture. I’d visit Japan one day but I’m afraid the shock of the culture would blow me away. I love the one about you singing funny lyrics to cover songs. That is hilarious. Are you sure that at least some people aren’t out there listening and wrinkling their noses, saying, “WTF???” in Japanese? haha. Looking forward to some more songs from you.

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