The Waiting Game

The waiting game

I will forever be grateful for the invention of the internet and high speed connection.  It has changed my life dramatically.  12 years ago when I first arrived in Japan the only way I could really communicate with family and stay in touch with Canadian content was by telephone and snail mail.  At that time, I was the only member of my family to have email so it was almost useless and long distant telephone calls were very expensive.  Today, it is very different.  If I’m in front of my computer here in Japan, then I’m as close to home as I am sitting in a chair just one city over from those I want to talk to.  With SKYPE, chat, video, youtube, bit torrents, on-line newspapers and so on, I’m up to date with pretty much everything I’m interested in the moment it becomes news.

As most of you know, the music industry is going through some major changes.  For better or for worse it is happening at a very fast and sometimes chaotic pace.  But when I weigh my options I have to think it has been a blessing for me.  With the making of “These Days”, the internet was the heart of everything that came to fruition. From contacting and introducing myself to Greg Arnold via his email I found on google; to re-singing some of my vocals in my apartment in Japan and sending the files over the internet back to Australia; to receiving mastered samples of the final product the same way, all without ever so much as having to leave my room.

A simple widget application on my desktop tells me the current times of all the major cities I usually work with and I’m ready to do business anywhere.

The tough part at the end of the day is the waiting game.  I’ve put 3 years of hard work into this project and sometimes waiting for an email regarding an issue was tough (and that’s such a oxymoron because years ago none of this would have been possible) .  Such was the case during the final 6 weeks of completing “These Days”.  As it became apparent the CD would not be released as soon as I had hoped and the anxiety and stress started to mount a little each day.  Sometimes I felt that if I had been able to actually be there  and not just communicate through email, that things would have happened much sooner.  The 4th CD, “FUEL” was the same.  But us beggars can’t be choosers and at the end of day.   The quality of the product was by far the most important and for that, things went much better than I expected.

To be honest, while I harp on the amount of time it took, I wouldn’t have wanted to rush it.  So, I guess patience is a virtue, really.


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