Giro de Hotaka, 2011

Lots of hills in Gunma

Yesterday, I went to my friend Yukiya’s boutique shop and in the back room we filled out the application form for the upcoming race called, “Giro de Hotaka”.  It cost a whopping 8000 YEN (around $90 US) to enter.

Sometimes I think anyone fool enough to ride 120 km in wet zero degrees Celsius weather (around 32 F) for over 5 hours should get paid to enter.

I haven’t ridden that distance all year since I work 7 days a week. My regular trips are around 50 ~ 60 km.  I’ve had a few 80 plus km’s when time and weather permitted.

Now that evening is setting in early (5 pm), finding time to ride has been even more challenging.  At any rate, I will ride it but not race it.  My knee is still buggered so my goal is to finish without being legitimately bagged or in pain.

Will update how it went in two weeks time.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE:  Race is finished.  Click here for the post race blog.


8 thoughts on “Giro de Hotaka, 2011

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  2. Hey Kelly, just wanted to let you know that I am rooting for you – hope the knee pain settles down. It must be so frustrating with the Giro on the horizon. WIth the base that you have I am confident that you will cover the distance with no problem!

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