Album #6 begins pre production.

Hiroshima showtime.

Song-writing, wrong-writing, and prolong-writing are what stages I am in at the moment.  If I don’t have a good song, then I shouldn’t bother making the next album.  Right now I feel I have around 3 songs that are possibilities for the new CD.  That leaves me with half a year to write another 7 or 8 worthy of being on an album.  It’s been really tough to find quality creative downtime this year.  It’s been busy to say the least.  I’m hoping if I can get some co-writing adventures going it could spark a fresh and burning fire of hot tunes.  I always want to make the new CD sound a little different from the last one but no matter how hard one tries; there are always elements of a song that are uniquely you.

I plan on working with Producer Greg Arnold again.  The established and credible songwriter/producer wants to make the next album with me in Nashville Tennessee.  Although, he is an Aussie, he has some solid connections with accomplished people in the industry there.  Another reason I MUST bring my game face with me.  But as I move quickly through life as a musician, the one thing I know that remains true in this crazy poor-mans industry is this:  It all starts with a great song.  It’s the peak of a mountain.  The rest flows naturally into the hands of fans or into a sea of mediocrity.

I yearn for the challenge and fear the failure equally.

…Sounds like a song in there somewhere….    😉    Hopefully an albums worth!


4 thoughts on “Album #6 begins pre production.

  1. You have managed to write the songs and music for five, repeat FIVE, CDs, and a variety of music critics have given you exceptional reviews and pleaded for producers to discover your creative talent and personal magnetism. It is true that Japan and Japanese fans have kept you for their own for more than 13 years, almost to the point where you wonder whether North American fans would have enjoyed your music and presence to the same extent. I have yet to find anybody on this continent that didn’t like your work. In fact, people here would bleed to have you performing closer to them. Think about it.

  2. I am really excited about your new upcoming CD Kelly!! And to be produced in Nashville….hey that’s getting closer to home . The very best in putting your new CD together Kelly and remember if there is any thing I can help with PLEASE don’t hesitate in talking to me . ♪♪♥♥♪♪

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