One of mans pride and joys.

Not sure why I love barbeques so much but I do!

I love chilling with good friends while sipping on a drink, listening to classic tunes, talking about manly things, and flipping over the meat on the barbeque.

I feel like Tim Allan from the sitcom “TOOL TIME”.  Arrrr Arrrr Arrrrr!

It’s the one time where I consider a barbecued potato a sufficient vitamin source and that it is healthy because it’s a vegetable.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve covered it in butter and sour cream!  Besides, I’d hate to get full on vegetables and not be able to stuff more spare ribs down my throat!

Western style barbecues are hard to find here in Japan.  But my Canadian friend has one and every time we cook on it, it sends me back to Canada for a short time.

What’s your favorite food to barbeque?


Exercise smexercise!

I exercise a lot.

I always have.

This week I ran over 60 km’s and bicycled another 120 km’s.

I also lifted weights and I play Ice Hockey.

I feel so good about it that I also indulged in chocolates, potato chips, ice cream and alcohol. (not necessarily in that order)

Basically, the main reason I exercise is to enjoy the other things in life I can’t say no too.

I’d have a lot more free time if I just gave up all those unhealthy things I crave because then I could limit my exercise time too.

Curses to thee who made those things bad anyways!

Curses for being a carnivore!

Why can’t brussel sprouts be bad for you?

Truth is I’d exercise anyways.

It’s just who I am.

I’d just have to find another excuse to do it!

Note to self: Out of beer!