Exercise smexercise!

I exercise a lot.

I always have.

This week I ran over 60 km’s and bicycled another 120 km’s.

I also lifted weights and I play Ice Hockey.

I feel so good about it that I also indulged in chocolates, potato chips, ice cream and alcohol. (not necessarily in that order)

Basically, the main reason I exercise is to enjoy the other things in life I can’t say no too.

I’d have a lot more free time if I just gave up all those unhealthy things I crave because then I could limit my exercise time too.

Curses to thee who made those things bad anyways!

Curses for being a carnivore!

Why can’t brussel sprouts be bad for you?

Truth is I’d exercise anyways.

It’s just who I am.

I’d just have to find another excuse to do it!

Note to self: Out of beer!