About Kelly Pettit


Kelly Pettit is the offspring of a redneck Aussie bloke and a west coast Canuck. Raised on Vancouver Island, with dual citizenships on opposite sides of the world, Kelly has bounced back and forth and everywhere in between.

After playing in lots of very bad bands as a teenager and dipping in and out of local recording studios, Kelly decided to go take all his possessions (bicycle, backpack, $5, and a guitar), and chase dreams in the land down under. This is where he discovered busking, surfing, beer, women and the art of performing live.

Influenced by Aussie bands and more so Crowded House, Kelly cunningly snuck back stage after one of their concerts and ended up playing guitar with lead singer Neil Finn (Mr. Finn: “you’re playing it wrong, man”).

From there, Kelly started jamming with talented musicians from all walks of life and moving his act indoors with proper sound systems. After time, several other countries, some scrapes and bruises, Kelly ended back in Vancouver to study. During those days, music was always a part time job and songwriting never stopped.

10 years ago Kelly was invited to perform in Japan from a music agency in Tokyo and now he is busier than ever writing music and performing live. To date, he has just released his 4th CD titled “FUEL”, recently won an ultimate band contest, gigged almost everywhere, written a score, had a song in a soundtrack, in compilation CD’s, reviews in magazines, performed on TV and radio, produced and on more occasions than he cares to mention been a wedding singer.

Please listen to the tracks of the CD, read the reviews, and then support Kelly by purchasing his CD FUEL. We promise you won’t be sorry.

PS. Anyone who purchases the CD gets two extra songs emailed to them to show appreciation!


CD baby page

myspace page

Fame Games



PS.  The CD “FUEL” is now available on over 46 download sites! Just search for “FUEL” or “Kelly Pettit”.



7 thoughts on “About Kelly Pettit

  1. That’s a tough one Finicky Penguin. Most of the CD is Pop Rock but other tracks are Country Pop.
    People have said they hear a male version of Sheryl Crow, or that I sound similar to Counting Crows or Crowded House. Thanks for the CD baby review by the way!! Greatly appreciated.

  2. see now, I didn’t even know you had a separate blog, for your musings. cool beans. I’m McLovin’ a few tracks of yours I downloaded on Napster! Finally bought an MP3 player to listen to while I jog, (my most hated of duties). You’re right up there with Maroon 5, and Creed. I seeeeee….I seeeee…some more CDs being bought by me.


  3. Hello Kelly! You are only the 3rd guy I’ve ever come across that has the same name as I do!

    Any-hoo … just wandered over here from Nathalie’s site where I was just reading about Japan. I’m leaving for my own Japanese adventure next Friday (I’ll be there Oct 10 – 20) and checking out her posts and photographs have really gotten me even more excited than I already was!

    Looks like you guys had fun, FUN, FUN!!!!!

  4. Hey Kelly, go see my blog for amazing photos I took of the concert by Lt. Dan Band Friday. You will totally love them. (at least I hope you will, they turned out great) :0)

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