My favorite podcasts


What are your favorite podcasts?

I’m curious as to what others are listening to.

Especially if it relates to music business or finances but I also enjoy funny, witty and entertaining.

Here’s a list of my favorite podcasts (not in order)

1.  Music Business Radio

2. Team 1040 “The Rick Ball Show”

3. CBC news:  The World At Six

4.  The Dave Ramsey Show

5.  CD Baby DIY podcast

6. The Musicians Cooler

7. The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos

8.  ABC radio FAME GAMES

9.  Stuff You Should Know

10.This American Life


1 thought on “My favorite podcasts

  1. I listen to the same ones as you … probably because you play them when we are cruising to amazing places in my van … and back from amazing places. And my van is too small for you to play your guitar in. hee hee!

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