Social Networks and music.


Here are some interesting statistics about Social Neworks and music.

*This year, 19% of those surveyed listen to music through SN sites. It’s up 4% from last year.

*Almost half of US teens surveyed listen through SN sites and that’s up 37% from last year.

*Among college aged fans listening to music through SN sites it’s 41%. Last year was 30%.

*The decline of CD purchases was most prevalent among teens and consumers over 50 years old.

The purchase of digital music was 8 million in 2007 and a staggering 36 million in 2009.

Recently, recession has made people buy one song instead of entire albums.

What do all these mean to me? If you are a musician you better make sure you are on all the great Social Network Sites because it’s pretty obvious that that’s where a lot of music lovers are hanging around, too.


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