Welcome to 2008

facebook, google, yahoo, msn, myspace, podcast, blog, firefox, youtube, Ebay, Wikipedia, AOL, Craigslist, Amazon.com, webcam, WordPress, blogger, gmail, cdbaby  Adobe, limewire,, and nero,

My spell check thinks I’m a moron!

All of these came up with spell check.   How quickly our language evolves.

What other words have been born in the last 5 to 10 years that weren’t around before?


5 thoughts on “Welcome to 2008

  1. Adobe came with spell check? Weird! In use for thousands of years. As a brick.
    Here is my list: biodiesel, supersize, agritourism, polyamory, emoticon, anime, pimpnuts, netizen, crunk, celebutante, all the schnizzle my nizzle lingo, and so on.
    Personally, I think we just stick with what we already have and can’t already spell (although I do favor the repeated usage of pimpnuts.)

    How about a post about a new CD? How is that coming along? Rock star slacker!

  2. I dunno but Edamame was officially addded the the Websters dictionary recently. For all you non Japanese scholars Edamame is a tasty soya bean served with beer kinda like beer nuts in Japan but way better during the hang over stage.

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